This is work from a show at Commerce Street Artists Warehouse in 2007.

The project involved me making a drawing of every state bird and then mailing that drawing to someone in the respective state whose last name had some correlation with the bird. I asked them to alter or add to the drawing and then send it back to me in a self addressed stamped envelope. To increase the amount of drawings I got back I sent out an additional set of birds, making the total number sent 100.
I received 12 back completed, with 2 sets of doubles. Many I received back either return to sender or simply returned uncompleted. With these, I would send them back out to another person if I still had enough time left before my show. The ones that came back too close to the deadline are represented as the original non-colored drawings. The birds that are totally blacked out are the birds that I never got back.

States are listed in order of statehood.